258 Theological Questions Answered

Here is an excellent resource from http://www.bible.org. Bible.org has produced a translation called The NET Bible (and here) which uniquely includes the translator notes. They have also developed a web-based bible study tool called The NeXt Bible Learning Environment …check it out.

In addition, the following link is to 258 Theology Questions Answered from bible.org’s Theology Program for lay people. Each subject is usually a pithy video about the subject matter presented in a classroom setting. It only cost you $500…no, just kidding… it’s free! There are questions that give answers to the essentials to Christianity and also to some that are a little more controversial but makes note of that next to the link. 

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Grudem’s Systematic Theology Class

Dr. Wayne Grudem has taught through his  Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine in Scottsdale Bible Church’s Christian Essentials Class.   They have been kind enough to place them online for our edification.  Dr. Grudem’s Systematic Theology is excellent and provides wonderful application for your walk with the Lord.  Is it enough to have all of our theological ducks-in-a-row, a head full of knowledge without pressing our hearts toward Christ himself?  It shouldn’t be all academia but the truths that are developed and understood from His word should translate into growth in obedience and love for Him.   

Monergism has neatly organized them here but you can only listen to them online.

If you want to download them and place them on a CD or MP3 player click here.

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