Well, here it goes…

I think my first choice for this blogs name was ‘In Over My Head’, but it was taken.  And that’s how I feel about producing my own blog.  I’ve lurked and read a number of them for years and the thought crossed my mind a few times, but in the end I would simply chicken out.  Not only did I have no real experience with a blog but I have no idea if I can say or bring anything to the table that is interesting to anyone.  This week I was thinking about the prospect of doing this blog thing and thought, ‘I have lots of things that are interesting to me so I guess I should just share them and not worry if anyone pays attention or not.’  So here it goes…


The ultimate goal of this blog is to glorify my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and share the truth of His gospel to anyone who has ears to hear.

Secondarily, we all know about some excellent resources that are out there on the web.  We can point each other to them to mutually edify as brother and sisters in Christ.  This can be anything that is uplifting in spirit, educational, relevant to our spiritual growth, or just good ol’ clean fun, etc.  So I foresee this blog growing in contributors to accomplish the intent of the blog.  Now, I’m almost positive that this blog will morph overtime to accommidate my ever changing interests since I seem to have a focus problem.  Anyway, welcome and hope that you can overlook my often times inability to communicate clearly and affectively.  Please, if you come to the opinion that I have a blind spot, not recognizing that I shouldn’t be in anyway involved with the creation of a blog, once again, please let me know so I can healed of my blindness.


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