Kathy Ireland’s Testimony

Kathy shares her testimony and articulates the case for the life of the unborn.  

HT: Stand to Reason

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Who would you choose?

It is common to hear objections to our prolife arguments and sometimes they can catch us off guard.  With this in mind I would like to point you to a STR blog post that shows how one common question fails:  

We got a questions asking about the “save one baby or save five embryos from a burning laboratory” dilemma.  Assuming a pro-lifer saves the baby, it’s supposed to “prove” that we don’t really think that the embryos are fully human beings.  But it doesn’t do that at all.  Here’s why.  

Read more of her answer here:

A Dilemma that Doesn’t Prove Anything.

Update:  Another post on the subject- Burning Research Lab, Part 4,999,999 [SK]

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Abortion #1 Killer in Spain

Spain has one of the most liberal laws restricting abortion in Europe.  We need to continue to pray that the eyes of the world will be openned to the truth and hearts will be changed.

Abortion Number One Cause of Death in Spain

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