Abortion #1 Killer in Spain

Spain has one of the most liberal laws restricting abortion in Europe.  We need to continue to pray that the eyes of the world will be openned to the truth and hearts will be changed.

Abortion Number One Cause of Death in Spain

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Listening to “The Narrow Mind”

spock4 Check out this Christain radio broadcast called The Narrow Mind.

 It’s a internet radio broadcast, aka Unchained Radio, featuring Pastor Gene Cook.  I really        enjoy the subject matter discussion and guests.  Here is a sample show below discussing the  differences between Arminianism, Classic Calvinism, High Calvinism, and Hyper-Calvinsism.

 Here is the chart they are using in their discussion.

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Do not be proud of your fine feathers!

puritan2This morning I stumbled upon an excellent resource called Puritan Library.  I have limited exposure to the Puritans writings so I was exciting to know that I can get a taste without having to go out and purchase any of their works right now.  I’m not a huge fan of reading digital material, especially for long stretches, but I like the idea that I can expose myself to it and then purchase some of it for further reading and study.  The following is a excerpt from a collection of sermons on  the Westminster Catechism by puritan writer Thomas Watson. 

The following exerpt spoke to me deeply this morning– 

Quoted from:

Body of Practical Divinity

By Thomas Watson


Do not be proud of your fine feathers!

Behold here a sacred riddle or paradox–“God was manifest 
in the flesh.”
 That man should be made in God’s image, was 
a wonder–but that God should be made in man’s image, is 
a greater wonder!

That the Ancient of Days–should be born; 
that He who thunders in the heavens–should cry in the cradle; 
that He who rules the stars–should suck the breast; 
that Christ should be made of a woman–and of that
    woman which He Himself made; 
that the mother should be younger than the child she bore; 
this is the most astonishing miracle! “God was manifest in 
the flesh”
 is a mystery we shall never fully understand until 
we come to heaven, when our light shall be clear, as well as 
our love perfect.

“He humbled Himself and became obedient to
 death–even death on a cross!” Philippians 2:8 

“God made Him who had no sin–to be sin for us!” 
 2 Corinthians 5:21 

This was the lowest degree of Christ’s humiliation. 
That Christ, who would not endure sin in the angels
should endure to have sin imputed to Himself–is the 
most amazing humility that ever was!

Christian! Learn to be humble! Do you see Christ humbling 
Himself–and are you proud? It is the humble saint, who is 
Christ’s picture! Christians, do not be proud of your fine 
 Have you an estate? Do not be proud. The earth 
you tread on is richer than you! It has mines of gold and 
silver in its depths. Have you beauty? Do not be proud. It 
is but water mingled with dirt! Have you skill and abilities
Be humble. Lucifer has more knowledge than you! Have you 
? Be humble. It is not of your own making–it was 
given to you by God. You have more sin than grace; more 
than beauty. Oh look on Christ–this rare pattern of 
humility–and be humbled! It is a sad sight, to see God 
humbling Himself–and man exalting himself; to see a 
humble Savior
–and a proud sinner! God hates the very 
semblance of pride! “I hate pride and arrogance!” 
    Proverbs 8:13

“If God,” says Augustine, “did not spare the angels 
when they grew proud; will He spare you–who are 
but dust and sin?”


Christmas time is coming!  Let’s remember the greatest miracle…God being manifested in the flesh!  

Ponder the humility of Christ (Phil 2:1-11) and consider what that means for his disciples.

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Dr. James White on the Election

Dr. White of Alpha and Omega Ministries gives his thoughts on the election of Obama:


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